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Lunar New Year Celebrations

Lunar New Year is a traditional Asian festival that marks the first new moon in lunisolar calendars, which were used in many Asian countries until the Gregorian calendar became the common calendar. The lunisolar calendar is still used today to determine holidays. It is regulated by the Sun and the …

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Farmer Protests in India

Indian farmers have recently faced a lack of government support. Tens of thousands of protestors in New Delhi are rising up against policies that would deregulate wholesale business. But out of the nearly 800 million people who survive by farming, there are few who can afford to take time away …

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A rise in hate crimes against Asian Americans

A surge of xenophobic attacks directed towards Asian Americans amid the Covid-19 pandemic is creating fear and anger within the community. Many activists and civil rights organizations are demanding action against the growing anti-Asian sentiment. According to John C. Yang, executive director of Asian Americans Advancing Justice, distress and insecurity …

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The Cost of Fast Fashion

Photo Credits: BBC

The next time one goes to purchase a new clothing item to replace an older one, they should consider this: textile production accounts for about 10% of the carbon emissions in the world, more than double that of international aviation and shipping combined. This is the harsh reality of fast …

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Perseverance’s Misson on Mars

On Thursday, Feb. 18, NASA’s Mars Perseverance rover finally landed on the face of Mars. For many years, the “Red Planet” has been considered a possible location for future generations to inhabit. The newly landed rover sets a precedent for collecting further scientific knowledge of this interesting planet.  The rover, …

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World Trade Organization elects new Director-General

On Feb. 15, 2021, members of the World Trade Organization (WTO) General Council selected the WTO’s seventh Director-General.  They chose Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala, a Nigerian-American. Born in 1954, Iweala arrived in the United States to study economics at Harvard University, graduating with a Bachelor’s of Economics degree in 1976. She then …

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Biden Pauses Trump’s Border Wall

Succeeding his inauguration, President Joe Biden signed an order halting  the construction of the border wall between the U.S. and Mexico. Being one of the Trump administration’s major legislative agendas, the barrier had reached 455 miles in length before its pause.  Previously planned sections of the border wall remain incomplete, …

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Biden shuts down permit for Keystone pipeline

In the second quarter of 2008, construction started on a crude oil pipeline that was planned to stretch from oil-rich Alberta to the Gulf of Mexico. Commissioned in 2010, the Keystone XL pipeline, despite facing many construction issues and controversy during the final years of the Obama administration, gradually resumed …

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