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Rachel Peters has been on staff since her sophomore year of high school. She played Field Hockey her freshmen year and MC Varsity softball for three years. Rachel is a peer buddy for MC's Friendship Club and loves being an academic tutor for the students with special needs at MC.

Softball Team Turns Game Around Pulling Through with Crucial Victories

With new coaches, and a young team, MC’s varsity softball team started off with some struggles when they first started league. “It’s been tough getting used to the new coaches since I had coaches Ruby and Caesar my freshmen, sophomore, and junior year of high school,” senior Dominique Cappello said. …

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Gonzalez Family Determined to ‘Kick Cancer in the Throat’

In just the past few months, senior Jessica Gonzalez and junior Sabrina Gonzalez’s mom, Lisa, was diagnosed with stage four lung cancer. While the Gonzalez family is trying to let the news soak in and at the same time adapt to several new changes in their lives, they have found …

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Senior Kyle Pater Conquers State with Pole Vaulting Records

Recently MC’s pole vaulter senior Kyle Pater jumped a personal record of 16 feet 3 inches which is also the new meet and school record. Within only a week of beating these records, Pater is currently leading the state with a height of 16 feet 6 inches. “I’m really close …

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Buddhism is a religion originated in India by Buddha, also known as Gautama. This religion later spread to China, Burma, Japan, Tibet, and several parts of Southeast Asia. It teaches that life is full of suffering originally caused by desires. To end this suffering, Buddha claims that by destroying hatred, …

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New Common Core Testing

Every year, grades 2-11 take the Standardized Testing and Reporting (STAR) tests. This ultimately measures the students’ academic achievements over the previous years. But in the next few years, the STAR testing will be replaced by another test, called the Common Core. “The STAR testing is more based on concepts …

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