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Lunar New Year Celebrations

Lunar New Year is a traditional Asian festival that marks the first new moon in lunisolar calendars, which were used in many Asian countries until the Gregorian calendar became the common calendar. The lunisolar calendar is still used today to determine holidays. It is regulated by the Sun and the …

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Perseverance’s Misson on Mars

On Thursday, Feb. 18, NASA’s Mars Perseverance rover finally landed on the face of Mars. For many years, the “Red Planet” has been considered a possible location for future generations to inhabit. The newly landed rover sets a precedent for collecting further scientific knowledge of this interesting planet.  The rover, …

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Covid-19’s Effect on the Arts

Covid-19 has devastated many as it has spread throughout the country. During this time artists have been especially affected. Theaters closed down, shows were canceled, there remains a lack of jobs, and this all contributes to artists’ struggles during the Covid-19 pandemic that is spreading through the nation.  Covid-19’s effect …

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