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Josie Beavers

Josie Beavers is one of the most proficient and prolific writers on the MC SUN. Beavers was born in Ghana where she picked cocoa beans until moving to California in 2011 to learn the art of sandwich making. Beavers enjoys listening to real music without crummy auto tune. Beavers is very tall, up front, and honest. Beavers occasionally smiles and her favorite food is bread and tea.

Review: “Warm Bodies”

Being a huge fan of zombies, I was thrilled when I first saw the trailer for “Warm Bodies.” At first, I thought it was about the life of a teenage zombie. But, as I soon found out, it was about much more than that. I was extremely skeptical when I …

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Teacher Allison Bolin supplies Valentines for Children’s Hospital patients

As Valentine’s Day approaches, many students are making plans with their significant others. Some plan on going on a romantic trip to the beach, or maybe go to that new movie they’ve been dying to see; however, one teacher is focusing on brightening up the lives of others who may …

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