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Devina Tavathia

Devina Tavathia is a senior and Co-Editor in Chief for the MCSun. She is on the school's varsity track team and loves volunteering as a Science Olympiad coach at MBMS. In her free time she enjoys grooving to some Urban Choreography at StudioFx.

Life Imitates Stephen King’s Art

Stephen King, one of the most renowned creators of spine-chilling, eye-widening, ingenious horror novels recently hit the gas pedal with his latest collection: If It Bleeds. This four-novel compilation was released just seven months after The Institute, featuring innocent children being kidnapped and incarcerated, hit the shelves. Similar to many …

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Earth Day 2020

April 22nd marks the 50th anniversary of Earth Day, a globally recognized celebration of our natural surroundings and a reminder that planet Earth is not a renewable resource. Each year, everything from beach cleanups to educational programs designed to facilitate a love for our planet take place, and this year …

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 Art is an integral, but often overlooked part of our basic thought process; without art, there is no creativity, and without creativity, innovation becomes impracticable. Such is the thinking behind MCHS Steam Club. “Art is involved in everything, and the creativity that comes from artistry allows for plans and ideas …

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Coronavirus vs. the movie industry

Action-packed thrillers, mind-boggling mysteries, and heated romances have captivated and entertained viewers for decades. With the COVID-19 pandemic closing businesses and schools across the nation, students and workers alike have turned to movies as a source of entertainment and comfort during these troubling times. Though streaming platforms such as Netflix …

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Redefining Full Time Work

“It is high time to rid ourselves of the notion that leisure for workmen is either lost time or a class privilege,” said Henry Ford, American founder of Ford motor company. Ford revolutionized the workforce by scaling back working hours and paying his employees generous sums, resulting in greater production. …

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Audrey Dickinson

Summer months are full of free time and opportunity.  Some students take this time to relax, while others use the extra hours to explore possible career paths and gain further knowledge. Audrey Dickinson, a junior at MC, chose the latter by participating in a two week program through UCSD centering …

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Stephen King’s The Institute

‘Twas the spookiest of nights and all through the house, not an evil being was resting-not even a mouse.  The kidnappers went down the hallways with care, taking another child and his teddy bear. The child was kept, only parents killed, because the Institute’s cages needed to be filled.   Goblins, …

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Beauty is Pain

Since the Middle Ages, a woman’s beauty, specifically in her feet, has often been measured by the amount of pain she is in. Over the centuries, fashion has changed, but pain has remained a baseline for most trends, and rightfully so. Men show off their strength by lifting weights and …

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