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Annie Price

Annie is a senior and a co-editor-in-chief for the MC Sun. Her hobbies include dodging questions about her future, driving on an empty tank of gas, and forcing people to look at pictures of her dogs.

The ending is trending

The world has been ending for quite some time now. At least, according to the media. Books and movies in the past few years have grown increasingly centered around dystopian societies, such as The Hunger Games, The Maze Runner, and Divergent. These popular series seem to be focused toward young …

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Swim season comes to a close

The 2014 MC swim season has just ended, and wrapped up the series of overwhelming victories for the team. “It was actually a really cool season,” senior Richa Chaturvedi said. “The girls kind of bounced back after a rough season last year, and we really came together and showed San …

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Hands-on in Haiti

A standard medical degree takes at least eight years to receive, with four years of college and another four of medical school- not to mention internships and training that add even more. And for good reason: doctors are trusted with the lives of others, so it’s common sense for them …

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Swim team victorious over Westview rivals

Westview is undoubtedly one of MC’s biggest rivalries, and that competitive spirit carried over to the swim meet that happened on Thursday. With the girls teams especially, competition is close. “Last year they beat us pretty candidly, and the year before it was a tight race, we beat them by …

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Survival of the most camera ready

For a society that has it all, one of the biggest reality show crazes is centered on those who must do without. It’s ironic that centuries after the discovery of fire and decades after massive technological advances, humans revert to obsessing over strangers encountering the same harsh conditions of wilderness. …

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Swim and dive defeat Del Norte

Swim and dive kicked off with a winning streak this Friday at Del Norte, sweeping for both boy’s and girl’s Varsity and JV teams. MC swimmers are optimistic about their chances this year, based on these early victories. However, the swim team doesn’t get their results without extensive practice. “The …

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Review: The Lego Movie B

Kids across America grew up playing with Legos, and now this generation also has a movie version of their favorite toy. The Lego Movie follows Emmet, a generic construction worker who always follows the instruction manual. When he is mistaken for the subject of a prophecy, Emmet learns how to …

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