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MC Students Weigh In: The Election


The opinions expressed by the political supporters in this video do not necessarily reflect those of the MC SUN or the Mt. Carmel High School Students or staff. We’ve tried to make this video with a 50/50 ratio of Clinton and Trump supporters to preserve the unbiased nature of the video’s content to give both sides an equal opportunity to express their beliefs. All of the students in this video agreed to do this video of their own accord. If you [believe you] think you know who is blurred out in this video, we ask you to keep that information confidential to respect their privacy.

Watch Mt. Carmel’s students talk politics and what their thoughts are about the election.

Thanks to:

Uncensored students:

Eric Gonzales

Shane Daly

Malik Patriko

Kanoa Jung

Maia Denion


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Warren Phan
Warren Phan is a junior and the editor for MCSunVideo and has a minimalist aesthetic.

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