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The new generation of activists


Our country is built on the revolution. Revolutions that are multifaceted– political, economic, and social injustices– being fought for by pure power of the people. In history, a common occurrence is the lower class rising up to curtail the abusive power of the oppressive government. The leaders of such revolutions …

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PUSD Superintendent Fired Over Summer

Photo by Hayne Palmour IV/San Diego Union-Tribune, LLC Hayne Palmour IV

While the students of the Poway Unified School District were enjoying their summer break, internal conflict was brewing among the district’s administration. Late last April, PUSD’s superintendent John Collins was placed on administrative leave while an internal audit, a formal investigation of accounts and finances, requested by Poway Unified’s Board …

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Women empowered

Google Plus Post by Kim Kardashian

Lauren Thatcher Ulrich got it right when she said “well behaved women seldom make history”, but what she failed to mention was how hard it is for women to break through society’s barriers. Society is the king (or queen) of mixed signals. On one hand, it is expected of women …

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Bombing in Brussels

Photo Credit: Geert Vanden Wijngaert

8 AM Tuesday morning, Brussels, Belgium. Yet another city to add to the series of devastating bombings for which Islamic terrorist group ISIS has claimed responsibility. This bombing occurred only a day after the authorities received note that a suspect in the Paris terror attacks was presumably loose in Belgium. …

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Shadowhunters Return


The shadowhunters are back! First starting out in a best-selling novel, then making their appearance in a riveting live action film, the shadowhunters are returning on a new TV series. “Shadowhunters” premiered on Jan. 12 on Freeform (previously known as ABC Family). Shadowhunters come from a world where it is …

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Barbie Doll or Barbie Fail?

new barbies

For a long time now, Mattel, a major toy manufacturer, has been providing girls around the world with Barbie dolls. Every three seconds, there is approximately one Barbie sold to a child. Barbie dolls, with their extremely slim waists and luxurious blonde hair, have since then been an idol for …

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Obama’s Presidency: At a Glance


Ever since his presidential election in the year 2008, President Barack Hussein Obama II has indeed made a huge impact on the United States. With all his worldwide accomplishments, Obama will be remembered as a leader, our leader. By winning the general election  in 2008 against John McCain, he marked …

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Organs for Sale?

organ donation

Organ donation is a very well-known process in the medical universe. Because many patients suffer deadly sicknesses that cost them organs, organ transplants have been created to counter these deaths. From this process, organ donations have emerged. Organ donation is the process of donating a patient’s organs when they pass …

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