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Crying: Weakness or Necessity?

I see nothing but blurriness. The only thing I am able to feel is my fingernails digging into the ground below me. I hear the muffled noise of my “rainy days” playlist changing the song. I am breaking. In another place, in the same moment, a different girl is laughing …

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Driving a Life

Last month, Saudi Arabia’s King Salman announced that the nation’s women will be legally allowed to drive without the presence of a male. A royal decree on live national television reported that it will be enacted in June 2018. Women across Saudi Arabia have been working to resolve this issue …

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Imagining the Perfect Night

“What a great night to be alive!” Imagine Dragons’ Dan Reynolds yelled into a crowd of thousands at the Mattress Firm Amphitheater in Chula Vista, anticipating the night of a lifetime last Thursday, Sept. 28. Beginning the night with artists K. FLay and Grouplove,  the night was sure to be …

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The Dehumanization of Minorities

During the Holocaust, the Nazis referred to Jews as Untermenschen, meaning “subhuman.” Most people fail to realize that by saying this, they were not implying that Jews were less than them, they were literally saying that Jewish people were created as a lesser race. Using this philosophy made it seem …

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