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The Red Sea goes green

In honor of Earth Day, MC devoted the preceding week to encourage environmentally-friendly habits throughout campus. Sundevils were invited to participate in the Earth Day-related festivities that were held to inspire students do their part in preserving the community. On Monday, Environmental Projects club advisor Megan Jones encouraged staff and …

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Peaking in High School

Through its portrayals of high school via popular books and movies, as well as widespread discussion, American society has all but condemned the idea of peaking in high school. Denounced as the sad fate of washed up football stars and vapid cheerleaders, the very idea that students could enjoy high …

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New Year for Gymnastics

On Friday March 31, the MC gymnastics team had a meet against Torrey Pines. The girls are currently working very hard, according to senior Corrina Lewis and freshman Laurel Olson. “It’s an individual sport so I suppose we are competitive with each other, however, we also support each other and …

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Baseball Off to a Promising Start

On Tuesday April 4, the MC baseball team played Mission Vista and emerged with a winning score of 3-1. The team is working hard to come together and work cohesively as a team. “This year I think we’re doing a lot better than we expected to, we have a young …

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Han-Lin’s Mastery of Conversation

The English language, with colloquial contractions, plural compound nouns, and non-finite verb complements are a challenge to native speakers, and prove to be even more of a trial for people learning English. In school, we learn how to master other foreign languages such as Spanish, Tagalog, and French, but this …

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Over-Analyzing at Its Finest

It’s in every teenager’s head. It’s in many adults, too; it may even be more prevalent to people as they get older. Over-analyzing is an art which can be mastered at any age. Once the beholder of this effective aspect on life, it will never leave its owner mind. Did …

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