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Crying: Weakness or Necessity?

I see nothing but blurriness. The only thing I am able to feel is my fingernails digging into the ground below me. I hear the muffled noise of my “rainy days” playlist changing the song. I am breaking. In another place, in the same moment, a different girl is laughing …

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The Return of Twin Peaks

Channeling my favorite character from Twin Peaks, Special Agent Dale Cooper, I will begin as such. Dianne, it’s 5:55 p.m., October 13th. Entering the weighted task of reviewing the reprise of the hit 90s tv series Twin Peaks.   If I was indeed Agent Cooper, before writing this, I would …

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Driving a Life

Last month, Saudi Arabia’s King Salman announced that the nation’s women will be legally allowed to drive without the presence of a male. A royal decree on live national television reported that it will be enacted in June 2018. Women across Saudi Arabia have been working to resolve this issue …

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Lo Spirito dell’Italia Comes to MC

If you see an unfamiliar face on campus, be sure to say “Ciao.” In affiliation with the Education First (EF) foreign exchange program, Elisa Rosella (12) touched down in San Diego and was welcomed by her host family mid-August. Rosella is from Viterbo, which lies 65 miles north of Rome. …

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Life is Beautiful with Gabriella Sheffler

Life is beautiful, especially when attending over ten concerts in only one weekend. Senior Gabriella Sheffler lived this dream the weekend of Sept. 15 at the Life is Beautiful festival in Las Vegas, NV. Life is Beautiful is known for celebrating musical, culinary, and creative arts, bringing together one large …

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Jack Johnson’s New Light

Throwing it back to the good ol’ “Curious George” days, Jack Johnson released his new album All the Light Above it Too, on Sept. 8, 2017,  hitting us all with nostalgia. All the Light Above it Too creates a relaxed and beachy atmosphere. Named the king of beachside pop/rock, Johnson …

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