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Chance the Preacher

Photo Credit: Live Nation After a dry spell of three years, Chance the Rapper is now back and better than ever. His new mixtape Coloring Book dropped on Apple Music and then later on Soundcloud. Just the title alone reminds the listener of their childhood, trying desperately to color within …

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What’s the real cost?

You’re out shopping and you find that cute sweater that’s everything you’ve ever wanted. You go to check the price tag and its music to your ears. But maybe you should stop checking the price tag, and start paying more attention to the clothing label. More and more young adults …

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The myth of privacy

As technology becomes an increasingly significant presence in our everyday lives, many are beginning to express concern regarding privacy in this digital age. In the years that have followed the first globalized usage of the internet, there have been numerous instances in which individuals’ privacy and personal security has fallen …

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Mount Carmel’s Gender Neutral Bathroom

The newest addition to our MC campus didn’t come with a big announcement. In fact, many people are still unaware anything is different. The often overlooked door has now become our highly talked about gender neutral bathroom. Those who did hear about the news began to search the campus for …

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Women empowered

Lauren Thatcher Ulrich got it right when she said “well behaved women seldom make history”, but what she failed to mention was how hard it is for women to break through society’s barriers. Society is the king (or queen) of mixed signals. On one hand, it is expected of women …

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