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I’m Thankful for My Family, But Are You Really?

The holiday season has arrived, and with it comes cookies, gifts, cheer, and numerous family gatherings. Thanksgiving always poses the question: “What are you thankful for?”, with all around the dinner table promptly delivering the cliché answer of “family”. It is expected to be thankful for family, regardless of the …

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The Aftermath of the Presidential Election

Following November’s announcement of Donald Trump as president-elect, the growing concern of targeted harassment across the nation has been echoed within our own school district. The contentious race alone managed to cause discord among students and staff, but the election outcome itself has introduced a completely separate issue. Not only …

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Political mayhem in the primaries

The race to the 2016 elections is officially in full speed with the Iowa, New Hampshire, South Carolina,  and Nevada Caucuses completed. Texas Senator Ted Cruz won Iowa  with Donald Trump placing second in the GOP. Once in New Hampshire, Trump took the lead with John Kasich in second, and …

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