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Smoking tires

Burnouts, loud engine revving, and tire smoke. Sounds like a typical start to a drag race. Fastest Car, Netflix’s newest series,  showcases three ‘sleeper’ cars facing off against a supercar in a straight line drag race. A sleeper car is a cheap or unsuspectedly fast car built from the ground …

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Black Mirror: Season 4

The end of a tumultuous year was heralded by the equally twisted and entertaining premiere of the fourth season of Black Mirror. “Black Mirror” is a British Netflix production revolving around the sci-fi twist of technology in the alternative present or future, and each episode contains an intense brain squeezer. …

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The End of the F***ing World

Released on Jan. 5, 2018, Netflix original series “The End of the F**cking World”, has been catching the attentions of fans, including mine. With the luring dark but comedic plot of a 17 year old outcast, James, played by Alex Lawther, he believes he is a crazed psychopath with a …

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Mickey Mouse kills TV

First it was Blockbuster, now Netflix is balancing precariously on the line of becoming just another obsolete entertainment  service. In a society of consumers whose attention can only be held for so long, the next media giant is poised to swoop in. While Netflix started out small, Disney is a …

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