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The Red Sea goes green

In honor of Earth Day, MC devoted the preceding week to encourage environmentally-friendly habits throughout campus. Sundevils were invited to participate in the Earth Day-related festivities that were held to inspire students do their part in preserving the community. On Monday, Environmental Projects club advisor Megan Jones encouraged staff and …

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A Not So Cool Experience at ICMonster

For months, many have suffered some serious FOMO (fear of missing out) from seeing others enjoy  the satisfaction of watching handmade ice cream being rolled into scrolls The concept  of rolled ice cream is not a new idea to San Diego. Bing Haus, located in Convoy, has satisfied loyal fans …

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Han-Lin’s Mastery of Conversation

The English language, with colloquial contractions, plural compound nouns, and non-finite verb complements are a challenge to native speakers, and prove to be even more of a trial for people learning English. In school, we learn how to master other foreign languages such as Spanish, Tagalog, and French, but this …

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Beware the Body-Positive Bogus

Along with the rise of body-inclusive promotion over the past couple years, a feisty reaction has challenged the cause, arguing how bad health isn’t something to be embraced. The 21st century has taken a wild ride on the body image rollercoaster. First, a stipulation to be extremely thin in the …

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