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Concept of Positivity

Come New Year’s Day, social media is inundated with declarations such as, “Only positivity in 20XX”, “Good vibes only”, or the ever popular, “New Year, new me!”. These manifestos, while positive and encouraging, are overly idealistic to the point of being childish. In keeping with the theme of positivity, many …

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Student Voting Guide: Environmental Laws

For many students who will be able to vote in the upcoming 2016 election, the primary focus will be on Clinton and Trump as the two presidential candidates. While these candidates and their various platforms and policies are the most publicly discussed aspect of any election year, there are still …

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The myth of privacy

As technology becomes an increasingly significant presence in our everyday lives, many are beginning to express concern regarding privacy in this digital age. In the years that have followed the first globalized usage of the internet, there have been numerous instances in which individuals’ privacy and personal security has fallen …

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Keep your hands off the Hamsa

Everyone recognizes it: the classic little hand symbol that is being displayed by countless individuals around their necks, wrists and fingers. This popular fashion trend has taken the world by storm as the hipster uprising continues. Not only used in jewelry, but also in shirts, wall decorations, and many other …

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