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Gender Roles: Prom Edition

Prom: the supposed zenith of the high school experience. As every cliché teen movie reiterates, the boy should ask the girl out to prom in an over-the-top manner — not at all just for the sake of posting it later on all their social medias — and to have the …

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The Bass Bravura of William Mrdjenovich

In elementary school it is almost a rite of passage to pick up an instrument, play in the fifth grade ensemble, and terrorize the neighbors with out of tune “wahs” and “oom pah pahs” while practicing. As students graduate from playing hot cross buns, those who go onto middle school …

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The Cheating Culture

In the classroom when a teacher calls for homework to be collected, the feverish shuffling of papers fills the room, along with whispering of panicked students asking to see a completed paper. If you were to look at the average high schooler’s camera roll on their phone, half of it …

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Local Airports Fill with Protestors in Response to Trump’s Latest Executive Order

On Jan. 27, the United States’ President of 20 days issued another controversial executive order. The order temporarily banned travel from seven Muslim-majority countries: Iraq, Iran, Syria, Yemen, Sudan, Somalia, and Libya. This travel ban initially included those with Visas and, until recently, those holding Green Cards. According to the …

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The Engineering Department Gets Revamped

While many students may complain certain subjects such as geology and trigonometry will be obsolete once they enter, ‘the real world’ MC has moved to counter these complaints. MC’s current engineering and computer science programs may be lacking, but with increased, advanced equipment, fresh and exciting courses being offered and …

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Transportation Booze Cruise

The first words of The Girl on the Train left me with a bland taste in my mouth, which never seemed to leave throughout the following 112 minutes. Emily Blunt’s calming voice candidly stated, “I am not the girl I used to be.” A long pause followed, probably to let …

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