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In Defense of A Good Old-Fashioned Cry

In recent years, the power of the internet to advise on any and every aspect of life has exploded. While forums such as Yahoo! Answers and Reddit have always contained lengthy threads on everything from home improvement to easy recipes, one of the most prominent trends in internet advice is …

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Over-Analyzing at Its Finest

It’s in every teenager’s head. It’s in many adults, too; it may even be more prevalent to people as they get older. Over-analyzing is an art which can be mastered at any age. Once the beholder of this effective aspect on life, it will never leave its owner mind. Did …

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Concept of Positivity

Come New Year’s Day, social media is inundated with declarations such as, “Only positivity in 20XX”, “Good vibes only”, or the ever popular, “New Year, new me!”. These manifestos, while positive and encouraging, are overly idealistic to the point of being childish. In keeping with the theme of positivity, many …

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