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Peaking in High School

Through its portrayals of high school via popular books and movies, as well as widespread discussion, American society has all but condemned the idea of peaking in high school. Denounced as the sad fate of washed up football stars and vapid cheerleaders, the very idea that students could enjoy high …

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Concept of Positivity

Come New Year’s Day, social media is inundated with declarations such as, “Only positivity in 20XX”, “Good vibes only”, or the ever popular, “New Year, new me!”. These manifestos, while positive and encouraging, are overly idealistic to the point of being childish. In keeping with the theme of positivity, many …

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The Technology Barrier

Since the dawn of our smartphone era, cell phone manufacturers and cell service carriers alike have flaunted the many benefits of instant connectivity. Oftentimes, these companies will air touching commercials that feature long distance lovers or cross country family members enjoying a heartwarming conversation over whatever lastest and greatest smartphone …

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