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North Korea Sends an Eerie Gift to Japan

  A series of mysterious boats filled with human skeletons and bodies have washed up on the eastern shore of Japan, thought to be from North Korea. Named “ghost ships,” for their eerie sights, the severely damaged vessels arrive day after day, the first, on Nov. 18 with three bodies …

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Fact over Fiction

According to NASA, on Feb. 13, the combined Arctic and Antarctic sea ice numbers were at their lowest point since satellites began to continuously measure sea ice in 1979. Total polar sea ice covered 6.26 million square miles (16.21 million square kilometers), which is 790,000 square miles (2 million square …

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Miley Cyrus Feels Younger Now

Miley Cyrus ditches her 2013 Bangerz era characterized by wild and unpredictable events and returns to her country roots in her new album Younger Now. Although she returns to country, Cyrus  doesn’t shy away from her history recent ventures. She manages to combine the two genres to create a cohesive …

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Rock Slide in El Capitan

Yosemite National Park’s El Capitan Summit, a hot spot for tourists, is going to be a vacant and ghostly sight for a while after a dangerous scare. On Wednesday, Sept. 27, El Capitan endured a deathly rock slide.  A sheet about the size of a 13-story building measuring 65 feet …

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Houston Underwater after Devastating Hurricane

As Houston and southeastern Texas are left damaged and devastated, Hurricane Harvey stalled for its second landfall, this time hitting southwestern Louisiana. The category four hurricane has been running strong for six days, leaving 51.88 inches of rain as of Tuesday afternoon, August 29, 2017. This makes Harvey a record-breaking …

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DREAMers Put on Hold

President Trump issued the removal of Deferred Action of Childhood Arrivals, otherwise known as DACA, on September 5. DACA is a program that was enacted five years ago under the Obama administration to protect the rights of individuals who entered the US illegally as minors. As of March 31, 2017, …

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