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Some TV shows just need to end

The work week takes adults and students alike through the miserable Monday and into Friday, where a weekend   couch date getaway seems inevitable. Saturdays and Sundays serve as a rejuvenation period where individuals gather their strength for the upcoming week.  Just as people deserve holidays, TV shows do, too. However, …

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2016 Emmy Awards drag out same old names

Usually, heaven for a TV-addict is found in the Emmys. Binge watchers everywhere see their favorite series and stars get the recognition they deserve, with an extra brutal episode of “Fashion Police” to follow.  This year’s awards, however, fell a little flat. Only a few new shows received major recognition. …

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Game of Thrones club feature

“[Game of Thrones] is basically a fantasy,” senior Kennan Billamoria, president of the Game of Thrones club, said. “It has fantasy elements but it is a political drama with a big ensemble cast. There is a struggle for power in all of these different regions, and so it is really …

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