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Pro: Sports scholarships should stay

Is college admissions truly becoming an uphill battle in a rigged system that only favors recruited athletes? A system that seeks to disenfranchise youth from attending their dream school merely so some jocks can rough it out on the field with an unnecessary free education? An education that is much …

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Shane Daly: Lifeguard of the Year

Passion and dedication played a role in leading MC senior Shane Daly to being named Lifeguard of the Year by Del Mar. “At the city of Del Mar we have an end of the year party after the summer months,” Daly said. “All the lifeguards vote on someone who got …

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The Letterman Controversy: A Rebuttal

“You have a letter? For what? Band?” The blatant scorn of athletes regarding the coveted letterman is all too common. I’ve never lettered myself, but I can understand the pull of the jacket. Students who wear them are automatically placed a rung higher in the school spirit hierarchy. A letterman …

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Hike, spike, strike

All high schools have the club classics: drama, science olympiad, key club. For the most part, students will attend meetings so they can say they did something extra in high school. For MC, students have the opportunity to go beyond extra by involving themselves in rock climbing club, badminton club, …

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