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Since the dawn of time, YouTube has stood out among other social media sites. It provides a space for individuals to create art, and it serves as a steady flow of income. One of YouTube’s founders Chad Hurley praised the site for, “creating the only jobs millennials can get,” and is one of the steadiest sources of employment in today’s job market.

Due to YouTube’s success, many young people have whipped out their phones to start their own career. But the most important part of any YouTube video is, of course, the title. Who cares about your content if you can’t reel in viewers with a catchy headline? So if you’re unsure of what to title your next fire video, look no further than this guide to help you get the maximum amount of viewers.

  1. Were you walking down the street and someone stepped on the back of your shoe? A great title could be: A STRANGER TRIED TO CUT MY FOOT OFF. Remember that capitalization is very important. If everything was lower case, no one would be able to read the title.
  2. If in your video you come across someone who looks like a celebrity, make sure you get a picture and title the video: JACKIE CHAN IS MY BEST FRIEND? Ending your title in a question mark is also a sure fire way to attract viewers. They will become so perplexed by this thought-provoking question, they will be forced to click on your video.
  3. If there is a spider in the corner of your room, just chilling and enjoying the safety of your home without paying rent, a poppin’ title may be: A STRANGER BROKE INTO MY HOUSE, ATE MY FOOD AND WON’T LEAVE. Dramatic titles like the one above guilt the audience into feeling bad for your situation and inspires them to check out your videos.

Much like a paper for English, a creative title is truly the only thing that matters. Following these guidelines for great video titles will surely triple your views, and you will become YouTube famous before you know it.

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Lindy Verhage
Lindy is a Junior at MC and the Sun's Features Editor. She is chronically indecisive, obsessed with big dogs and a pro-napper. She hopes to achieve the soul of Hughes, the style of Hepburn, the intellect of Franklin, and the joy of a dog.

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