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Over-Analyzing at Its Finest

It’s in every teenager’s head. It’s in many adults, too; it may even be more prevalent to people as they get older.

Over-analyzing is an art which can be mastered at any age. Once the beholder of this effective aspect on life, it will never leave its owner mind.

Did your friend not respond to your text message in less than three seconds? Don’t worry, you’re an expert at over-analyzing.

The only plausible reason for no response could either be that they’re busy,  are totally thinking at this single moment that they don’t want to be your friend, or perhaps they’re mourning a death that has been set upon one of their family members. A completely debatable case.

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Somebody didn’t say ‘hi’ back in the hallway? No need to fear, over-analyzing is here! Not only is over-analyzing completely reasonable and reliable, it’s quick to formulate a solution.

Either that person in the hallway may have not seen you passing by, or, they had an accident, hit their head and got concussion, causing them to forget about you and only you.

A crush who hasn’t acknowledged you yet starts talking to someone new? Over-analyzing has got your back.

They may be making new friends, or they’re in a new relationship that you aren’t aware of, or they are being blackmailed into staying away from you, causing you to feel overwhelmingly devastated that you lost the possible love of your life. These are the only plausible explanations for such tragedy.

No matter the cause you can always depend on over-analyzing to come up with an excuse for something that happened.

When being an over analyzing whiz, you can automatically know the solution to your problems regardless if it is outrageous or not.

About Kiyara Long

Kiyara Long is a sophomore on the MC Sun staff who is also on varsity tennis, a Polynesian dancer, and volunteers at Maranatha Chapel. Her main interest in life so far is eating, and watching cartoons.

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