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It’s Not My Pleasure: Types of Fast Food Customers

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There’s only 10 minutes left until your favorite fast food restaurant closes, and so naturally you decide to speed the entire way there, risking the lives of yourself and others, and rush in the door a mere thirty seconds before the place closes at 10.

I hope the Big Mac was worth it.

However, not all fast food customers fall under the category of last minute desperate crawls through the already shutting front doors.

Customer On the Phone- Every employee’s favorite customer is the one that approaches the counter to place an order while on the phone, and then proceeds to tell the worker they’re busy. Or even better, answers their phone in the middle of the transaction making the process much longer than it needs to be.

Drive Thru Customer That Doesn’t Know What They Want- FAST Food. As in you and I are here to get this done quickly. If our transaction takes longer than five minutes you should probably just go inside.

Coupon Queen- Props to you for saving. Who isn’t excited about the prospect of free food? I’ll happily celebrate this victory with you. But seriously don’t ask five times if you can use the coupon for fries to get a burger. The answer is no. It will always be no. Stop asking.

Complains About the Prices After They Order- I’m sorry that minimum wage is causing food prices to go up, but the money has to come from somewhere right? Also a kind reminder that the prices are listed on the menu, and the workers behind the counter did not set the prices themselves.

Ask for a Burrito at the Chicken Place- You’re either at the wrong place and extremely oblivious, or just very confused. We’ve always served chicken and if it’s not on the menu we don’t have it. As a fast food restaurant we do not have quinoa. When you entered you made the conscious decision to eat three times the amount of recommended daily salt intake. lightbulb-icon

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