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Foreign Smell Terrorizes Science Building

The science buildings here at MC are among the most prestigious and well-kept on campus. Housing such toxic and volatile chemicals, and equipment worth thousands of dollars, the PUSD Board prioritizes the building itself, keeping it in tip top shape. So when a foreign smell began to permeate the building, there was an immediate health concern. It was unclear of where the smell was coming from, and whether or not it posed a health risk to the students and staff.

“I’m very concerned about the smell,” junior Matine Rubin said. “When I’m sitting in chem class, and I start to get that whiff of rotten eggs, I’m never sure if it won’t be my last breath.”

There has been some speculation from both teachers and students over where this smell has originated from, Many of the chemistry teachers believe toxic, black mold is to blame.

“As a chemistry teacher, I know a lot about chemicals, and how they react with each other,” teacher Helen Olmsted said. “I also know a lot about mold. Black mold is the most toxic of all the molds, and this smell is definitely a result of black mold.”

AP Chemistry student and junior Kelley Broderick has her own theories as to where this smell has come from.

“It’s sewer goblins,” Broderick said. “A lot of people have laughed at me because they only think sewer goblins can live in the sewer but they are wrong. The sewers have gotten so overpopulated with these creatures, that many goblins have moved to their second favorite habitat: the rafters of high school science buildings.”

Broderick explains sewer goblins give off a natural rotten, smell, to attract mates, the exact smell she endures while in class.

“Many people refuse to take me seriously, but I know I’m right,” Broderick said. “I mean there is no other plausible explanation for the smell.”

While initial inquiries as to the source of the smell has been inconclusive, PUSD has not given up on rooting out the problem.

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Lindy Verhage
Lindy is a Junior at MC and the Sun's Features Editor. She is chronically indecisive, obsessed with big dogs and a pro-napper. She hopes to achieve the soul of Hughes, the style of Hepburn, the intellect of Franklin, and the joy of a dog.

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