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Club Penguin Crisis

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Earlier this week Disney’s online game for children, Club Penguin, announced that its desktop version would be shutting down in late March. The creators plan to relaunch the game on a mobile platform, allowing users to bring their penguin pal with them everywhere.

Despite hopes that this new way of playing would excite users, the announcement was met with many tears and protests.

“This is a tragedy,” longtime player onetuffcooki said. “ClubPenguin has always been online. I used to play it back in middle school with my friends after school and we would just waddle around for hours.”

Users fear that the new version might not include Penguins as the main focus.

“If the new game does not revolve around penguins I’ll sue,” bieberfan09 said. “I love the ice-themed universe and I refuse to suddenly play in the jungle, or with some other exotic zoo animal. It won’t be the same.”

The game helped people be more social and expand their circle of friends.

“I learned how to socialize through ClubPenguin,” onetuffcooki said. “I would just lock myself in my room, ignore my family, put in my headphones, and start digitally messaging strangers from across the country. It was a great way to form long lasting relationships.”

Although Club Penguin will not exist in desktop form after March 29, the memories that were formed while playing the game will last forever.

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