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Parking Spot Stolen

Photographer | Zac Solomon
Photographer | Zac Solomon

On Monday, April 14th, senior Jay Johnson came to school late to find a rude surprise: his normal spot in the MC parking lot, the same spot he has been parking in for almost two years, was taken by a white Toyota Prius.

“I was running a bit late, and when I went to park in my normal spot, someone had already taken it,” Johnson said. “I almost hit it because I’m so used to pulling into that spot.”

His spot, which is in the third row down and is four spots away from the teacher parking, also played a key role in ensuring that he is not too far from the school, but also not too far from the exit at the same time.

“Parking in the spot three rows from the entrance in a spot four spots away from the reserved teacher parking really allowed me to make sure I never had to walk too far to school, but at the same time, I am not too far from the exit,” said Johnson.

He was not the only one to notice, his friends also noticed this serious breach in the normal schedule.

“When we went to his car for lunch, we became really confused, and thought he may have gotten a new car,” senior Fred Smith said. “In the end, we found his car two spots away from his normal spot.”

Other students at MC are also taking notice, noting how this disruption in the norm places a serious risk on their normal spots.

“With Jay’s spot being stolen, who will be next?” senior Jeff Peterson said. “We don’t know where this car will strike next, and it honestly scares me to think I may get to school to find my spot taken by some random car.”

The situation was remedied on Tuesday, April 15th, when Johnson managed to get his normal spot back.Zsolomon-1520

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