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Varsity Softball Puts Their Best Foot Forward

Though only a couple weeks have passed since the initiation of spring sports, MC is already seeing an auspicious start for their Varsity Softball players.

With the exception of losing a neck-and-neck competition against Granite Hills by one point, MC Varsity Softball has been successful throughout all of their recent games, and the girls don’t anticipate easing back on their effort this season.

Seniors Alexis Cole and Madeleine Smith are two Sundevils who have played on varsity for all four years of their high school careers. Having experienced three prior seasons on the team, both girls agree that there’s something about this year’s players that makes them feel confident about the games to come.

Cole was instantly encouraged when she noticed a difference in the bonds between teammates compared to those in previous years.

“Honestly, this is probably the best season we’ve had over my four years [on the team],” Cole said. “Our team is really clicking really fast; we all cheer for each other whether or not we’re in the game, [and] we’re all very supportive.”

Being surrounded by fellow devoted softball players has fostered team development, not only in on-the-field skill, but also in areas of mental preparedness.

“Every year I think we come back with more confidence especially, so that has really helped,” Smith said.

In spite of the players’ chemistry and confidence, which have allowed them to accumulate mostly wins thus far in the season, the girls are still disposed to work on playing even better.

“There’s always room for improvement,” Smith said. “I definitely think we could talk more on the field and off the field. That would definitely help our game and bring a lot of spirit.”

In addition to Smith, Cole noted an important area of focus that she thinks should guide the girls as they play this season.

“I think we all need to keep in mind that we’re a team, and we’re not always going to be able to play the position we want to play or be the number we want to be in the lineup,” Cole said. “We just really have to focus on doing what we do for the team; when you get put in the game, try to make the most out of that opportunity.”

Having been rewarded by the strong relationships that exist between players, team collaboration is an asset that the girls plan to make a priority  throughout the rest of the season.

“Our team motto this year is ‘Find a way’,” Cole said. “Find a way to help your team, find a way to get that rally started, just do whatever you can.”

As they strive to surpass their success playing in CIFs last year, MC Varsity Softball will have to “find a way” to perform with even more determination.

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