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Jumping into New Records: Girls Long Jump School Record Broken

Saturday March 11, senior Aliyah Campbell broke the previous girls long jump school record of 18.2 feet with an astounding distance of 18.4 feet, possibly qualifying her for state.  

“I was super excited, but when I jumped it I didn’t know [it was that far], it didn’t seem like it was that far, so I kind of just walked away before I even heard what it was,” Campbell said. “I turned around and thought maybe I should go ask how far it was and she was like, ‘ooh this is a good jump.’ So I asked what it was and she said 18.4 and I started screaming and jumping up and down.”

Campbell began to celebrate while the crowd watched in confusion, as no one knew exactly how far she jumped except for Campbell herself.

Photo courtesy of Aliyah Campbell

“When you long jump they put it up on the board so everyone in the stands can see but no one knew what I jumped yet, only I did,” Campbell said. “I was jumping around and everyone was watching me like why is she jumping and then they finally put it on the board and turned it around. Everyone from our school started screaming and my mom almost started crying and it was super cool and a good feeling.”

For some athletes, their days of competing don’t extend beyond high school. However, this is not the case for Campbell.

“I’m probably going to run D1 in college, I don’t know where yet, it kind of just depends on how well I do this season and if I keep improving in long jump,” Campbell said. “I’ll probably sprint too, so I’ll probably just do both, but I don’t know where I’m going to go yet.”

Campbell believes that this distance is not the peak of her jumping performance abilities, considering she was limited to a shorter running approach.

   “I was only at a half approach on Saturday so once I move back to a full approach I’ll               have   more speed on the runway, so it’ll carry me further,” Campbell said. “I was really      excited because jumping 18.4 on the half approach means on a full approach I

 can probably jump 19 feet so I’ll just keep breaking the school record and my record even more which is super cool.”

Campbell’s success in the sport can be attributed to the numerous years she’s spent on the track.

“I’ve been running track since I was four, and I’ve been long jumping since I was five,” Campbell said. “I played soccer too, but this year I took soccer off to focus on track and it’s been paying off so far.”

Congratulations and best of luck to Campbell as she pursues an even farther distance to break her personal record and even further secure her title as the women’s long-jump record-holder at MC.

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