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Girls Soccer Team Scores a Win for MC

Michelle Kutsanov | Photographer
Michelle Kutsanov | Photographer

Wednesday Jan. 18, the MC girls soccer team played Mission Vista and emerged with a win of 2-1. The team has been practicing hard for the upcoming game against Poway, according to freshman Samantha Ward.

“I think our major game coming up is against Poway and we are working over two hours a day practicing and in games to prepare for the hardest game of league,” Ward said. “Coach Danie pushes us to ‘get frustrated’ so we can learn how to be mentally tough and succeed even when times are rough.”

As the season progresses, the team is improving with each day they practice.

“As the season goes on, our team is working a lot on defensive positioning which we have gotten very good at,” Ward said. “Offensively, we have progressed in our shooting abilities and how we make runs in behind and get the ball into the box.”

The soccer coach Danie Schelhorse also believes that the team has put forth a lot of effort.

“The team is working very hard and getting the results for it,” Schelhorse said.

These girls have united on and off the field.

“As a whole I think our team is incredibly accepting and we have very good chemistry that shows out there on the field,” Ward said. “We are able to work together, regardless of age or size, and each of our different personalities come together as a team.”


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