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Futsal: New PE Class is a Hit with Students

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As the 2015-2016 school year reached a close, students settled back into their homerooms and filled out their course request forms for the following year. Upon gazing through the multitude of classes available for Physical Education, many students noticed a new addition: futsal.

“Futsal is a smaller, faster paced version of soccer inside

a gym,” sophomore Angel Vue said. “You play futsal just like soccer, when you have the ball you can pass it to your teammate or dribble and take a player on. Anybody playing can score whether [they’re] a defender or a forward because the field space is so small, and scoring is always fun.”

Although the motives for joining the new class varied, many students felt a sense of familiarity with the sport.

“[Where] I lived in Minnesota, futsal is a big thing, because it snows a lot so we played futsal,” Vue said. “Also I enjoy it a lot because it’s fun to beat people with my skills and score.”

The class differs from most Physical Education classes at MC in that students are given the responsibility of forming their own dream teams.

“Coach Green was the teacher and he ran [the class] pretty simply, he let you pick your own team and then you would just play each other and have tournaments, and some days we would play volley tennis or flying changes,” sophomore Shelby Mckinney said.

The game requires high agility and speed in order to outplay opponents and get around other players.

“Futsal can be a pretty tiring game because the field is so small so you have to be able to move quickly and transition quickly from offense and defense,” Vue said.

Futsal tends to appeal to soccer players more than other students, but the course is open for all those who are interested.

“I would honestly recommend this [class] for anybody, because it’s a really fun game and as long as you want to be there and try you can do pretty good,” Vue said. “Futsal has been the best PE class I’ve taken because it’s something I enjoy doing and we don’t have to run the mile.”

Students taking futsal enjoy the teamwork of the sport over the vigorous aerobic exercises of other PE classes.

“My favorite memory from this class is having our all-girls team play against the boys and [watching] Angel break all of their ankles,” Mckinney said.

Those who are looking to perfect their maradona or simply get exercise in an exciting way should consider futsal as their next PE class.

About Nicole Glidden

Nicole Glidden
Nicole Glidden is a senior at MC and the Sun's Opinions Editor. She hopes to one day fit her soccer calves into a reasonably sized pair of skinny jeans.

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