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Play hard, play smart, play together

Chianne Mallari | Photographer
Photo By: Chianne Mallari

The stadium lights shining down on the Sundevil stadium cast the bittersweet mood on what was the last game of lacrosse some girls would ever play.

Although the team lost their last game of the season, nothing could take away from the positive feelings that radiated from the field.

“We played Del Norte as our last game of the season for senior night,” senior Carlyn Bartick said. “They beat us by less than they did the first time, and our team really came together. It was really nice to see all of the seniors shine on their special night.”

The team progressed throughout the season and the last game displayed their improvement.

“At the beginning of the season we were kind of divided and weren’t close at all,” senior Cynthia Nguyen said. “Towards mid-season we had a huge pep talk and from then on everyone fully dedicated themselves to the team.”

The seniors’ last game left them with the eagerness for new beginnings and a sadness of departing from the teammates they’ve come to love.

“It was sad. I’ve played with the varsity team since I was a freshman,” Bartick said. “It’s crazy how I went from being the terrified freshman on the field with no idea of what to do, to now being a senior having led the team. That’s cool, but it’s sad knowing I’ll never play here again.”

The underclassmen on both the varsity and junior varsity teams worked together to ensure that the seniors received the acknowledgements they deserve.

“The underclassmen made us all posters that somehow reflected our personalities,” Nguyen said. “Mine had a giraffe on it because I like giraffes. They also gave us flowers and we took a lot of pictures with the coaches.”

Proud parents gathered prior to the game, excited to walk their daughters across the 50 yard line on her special night.

“It was weird walking across the field,” Bartick said. “I’ve always been the one making the signs and watching the other seniors. It’s hard to believe that that was me now, I can’t believe I’m that old and graduating soon.”

Being on the MC lacrosse team inspired some girls to pursue lacrosse further during college.

“I’m playing at Cal State Long Beach next year,” Bartick said. “Playing at MC is what made me fall in love with the sport. It’s so competitive, and playing here made me want to strive to be better.”

From running at practice to bonding over pasta dinners at junior Marisa Macrae’s house, the team found a balance between working hard and having fun throughout the season. The seniors are moving on to new things, but will continue to remember the experiences they had while on the team. It’s safe to say that these girls truly enjoyed their last season and are thankful they decided to join MC lacrosse.

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