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The Holidays are no Jolly Days

Apart from being a season of giving, the holidays are a time for shoving over false sales, wasting your time in long lines, and stressing over finding an adequate present.

Whenever the holiday season rolls around, many frenzied shoppers drag themselves to the mall every other day with the determined mindset to find the perfect gift for a friend or family member. Even those with nonexistent means to reimburse their expenses find themselves foraging for the highest-priced items on the shelves, assuming that their gift-receiver would be happier with a costly present. Contrary to popular belief, though, intrinsic value is not directly proportional to a gift’s monetary value. I found that the gift that had made me the most grateful this Christmas was a handwritten card and drawing that my cousin had made for me.

Holiday shopping is the extension of Black Friday, where everyone paradoxically shows no human respect for one another at the mall immediately after expressing gratitude for humanity. While foraging for the best deals, competitive individuals impetuously push and shove until their shopping opponents are completely booted from the sales rack.

Stores easily outsmart their customers around the holidays. Knowing that everyone will be shopping around this time of year, businesses often price down their items that were too excessively priced in the first place. I almost bought myself a 60-dollar sweater that was already marked down and had an extra 40 percent off at Anthropologie. Luckily, I realized that I could find a regular priced sweater at another store that was less than half of Anthropologie’s sale price. Other shoppers as easily tricked as myself often think they have unearthed the best deals in consumer history, when in reality they’re experiencing the most cunning deceptions in consumer history.

The holiday season known to commend appreciation may actually be the most deceitful time of the year.

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