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Concept of Positivity

Come New Year’s Day, social media is inundated with declarations such as, “Only positivity in 20XX”, “Good vibes only”, or the ever popular, “New Year, new me!”. These manifestos, while positive and encouraging, are overly idealistic to the point of being childish.
In keeping with the theme of positivity, many people make bold statements about how they plan to cut negative people and things out of their life as part of their transformation for the new year.
While it is certainly not advisable to remain close to people whose presence proves to be disappointing or upsetting, believing that you can simply “cut people out” is naive and selfish. Put simply, no friendship or relationship is going to be sunshine and rainbows 100% of the time. As flawed people, we squabble with friends and family, make mistakes, and have bad days. In expecting life to be positive for every single second, people tend to set unrealistic expectations for others in their lives.
Simply put, there are inescapable aspects of life that will always be negative. Taking the SAT/ACT will never yield excitement. Finals will always bring stress. Friendships will always see rough patches.
When put into a larger perspective, however, these are not necessarily bad things. Negative experiences are always enriching in that they provide balance to our lives. Without the occasional upset, it would be impossible to appreciate every positive experience that there is to look forward to.
With this in mind, it is possible that our society should reevaluate the way in which we view positivity. Negative experiences should not be viewed as the end of the world, just as small amounts of negativity should not be viewed as the trademark of an unhappy life.

About Katherine Resko

Katherine Resko
Katherine is a junior at Mt.Carmel and is currently a web editor for the MC Sun. She hopes to study journalism in the Pacific Northwest once she graduates.

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