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The Technology Barrier

Since the dawn of our smartphone era, cell phone manufacturers and cell service carriers alike have flaunted the many benefits of instant connectivity. Oftentimes, these companies will air touching commercials that feature long distance lovers or cross country family members enjoying a heartwarming conversation over whatever lastest and greatest smartphone is being forced on the consumer base this week.

While the idea of being able to instantly connect with friends and family is appealing, many users find that smartphones only serve to infringe on their lives. As active participants in the information age, we are constantly bombarded with information, regardless of whether or not it is helpful, engaging, or even wanted. In addition, there is an expectation that everyone must be immediately reachable, which forces many to become joined at the hip with their smartphone.

Because of these set precedents, smartphones often create high stress environment that give emphasis to superficial information. Because we are so often immersed in this information oriented microcosm, it is only natural that we should feel inclined to separate ourselves from technology. While the idea of being disconnected from our smartphones may seem daunting, it may be beneficial to retreat inside ourselves to experience life on our own terms. By allowing yourself to experience this form of solitude, it becomes possible to be one with our own thoughts exactly as they are, unclouded by the thoughts of others.

Time that would ordinarily be used to refresh social media could then be used to embrace creative tendencies by reading, writing, or simply expanding yourself by picking up a hobby. While technology does have a number of irrefutable benefits, embracing solitude by disconnecting from the internet is a healthy way to be at peace with yourself and expand your mind.

About Katherine Resko

Katherine Resko
Katherine is a junior at Mt.Carmel and is currently a web editor for the MC Sun. She hopes to study journalism in the Pacific Northwest once she graduates.

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