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Student Voting Guide: Environmental Laws

For many students who will be able to vote in the upcoming 2016 election, the primary focus will be on Clinton and Trump as the two presidential candidates. While these candidates and their various platforms and policies are the most publicly discussed aspect of any election year, there are still numerous propositions to be voted upon. Of these include a new environmental law, termed Prop 67, directed at improving the pollution of our environment and the health of our oceanic ecosystems.

In past years, cities such as Solana Beach have taken up initiatives similar to Prop 67 it that they have discouraged the use of plastic bags by charging customers who wish to use them. If Prop 67 were to be instated, this would usher in a statewide policy under which stores would collect 10 cents for each plastic bag a customer wishes to use. This would help to discourage the widespread use of plastic bags, which would help to reduce the significant amount of litter and pollution, especially in our oceans and bays.

Prop 67 is accompanied by Prop 65, which is an initiative that will take all funds collected by the sale of plastic bags and direct it towards a special fund established by the Wildlife Conservation Board. These funds would then be used to better the environment by backing causes such as drought mitigation, beach cleanup, and wildlife habitat restoration.

When passed together, these propositions would not only help to reduce  pollution and plastic-related wildlife deaths, but would help to fund projects that would significantly improve the health of our ecosystem.

About Katherine Resko

Katherine Resko
Katherine is a junior at Mt.Carmel and is currently a web editor for the MC Sun. She hopes to study journalism in the Pacific Northwest once she graduates.

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