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Black Thanksgiving

photo courtesy| Modern Readers
photo courtesy| Modern Readers

After a wholesome evening of devouring potatoes and turkey and spending time with loved ones, many families include a  post-meal shopping excursion in their Thanksgiving night ritual. Though scoring early Black Friday deals might spell out family bonding for some, it comes at the cost of the Thursday night employees’ holiday with their loved ones.

Every year, businesses seem to creep their doorbusters back a few hours. This year, some stores such as JC Penney opened as early as 3 p.m. on Thanksgiving day.

These greedy corporations have no respect for their employees, denying them the right to take the day off and spend it with family. Though entire staffs are not required to work Thursday shifts, more employees are needed to accommodate for the increased hours and the influx in customers. Yes, a business relies on Black Friday as the high point of their annual sales, but  encroaching on a holiday to reap more sales is utterly Scrooge-like.

Supporting these businesses on Thanksgiving sends them a message of approval,  since success in sales only encourages them to continue the pattern of Black Thursdays and Fridays in the years to come. Choosing to go out Thanksgiving night, you are directly supporting the employees who had to miss Thanksgiving dinner with their families just so you could buy some barely discounted laptop one day earlier.

Though many businesses usher customers through their doors on Thanksgiving,  there are still stores that have stood firmly against subjecting their employees to holiday shifts. The corporation that runs TJ Maxx, Home Goods, and Marshalls came out with a series of commercials to promote their generosity for their workers, emphasizing that they’ll be closed on Thanksgiving day. It’s refreshing to see that some businesses are headed by benevolent humans rather than  money-driven robots. In different light, however, it’s sad that companies use their defiance against the norm as a form of advertisement. They amplify their rejection of Black Thursday as if they are some high and mighty superior for giving their employees the day off like it’s some charity, rather than a necessity. Being closed on holidays should not deem businesses special; it should be expected.

Customers hold all the power in protesting against greedy corporations by simply refusing to give them business on holidays. Thanksgiving is a time to slow down and appreciate time with family, which could give another person the chance to do the same.

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Chloe is a senior who loves people, poetry, avocados, and the color yellow. She plans on attending Cal Poly SLO in the fall, where she will study graphic communications.

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