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Controversy surrounding LGBTQ rights still exists, debate continues

America is a constantly changing nation.  By definition, this country defends the rights of the downtrodden and the weak; however, our history shows that getting there is never easy.

Today, our most prominent social injustice is relegated to the homosexual community as they face discrimination from many right wing conservatives and religious groups.  As much inequality as there may be, the denial of marital rights certainly being the most hotly contested, we have made strides of improvement in the face of this issue.

In the recent election, four new states legalized gay marriage by popular vote, including Washington, Maine, Iowa, and Maryland, which leaves the grand total at nine states with marriage equality legislation.  This would seem like the beginning of a promising future for the homosexual community in the United States.

Of course, nine out of 50 states is far from a majority, and gay rights group won’t stop fighting for equality until that number totals 50.

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Emma Glassman-Hughes is the Features Editor for The SUN and has been a staff member since her freshman year. She enjoys long walks in the parks, meowing to her cats, and eating tomato soup even when the outside temperature exceeds 80 degrees. Writing, music, charity work, and food are just a few of Glassman-Hughes's most treasured pastimes. She hopes you all enjoy The SUN and that you are all staying away from potentially dangerous strangers.

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