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YouTube TV: New Streaming Service

Photo Courtesy of The Atlantic
Photo Courtesy of The Atlantic

After launching their premium service YouTube Red in 2015, Google has decided to take this viewing experience one step further by developing its own streaming service: YouTube TV. The well-known platform for short viral videos is now attempting to make its way from the internet to television.

Monthly packages begin at $35 a month, making the cost of YouTube TV equal to DirectTV. However, unlike a streaming service such as Netflix or Hulu, YouTube TV offers the same experience to all users at the flat rate, meaning that no premium subscriptions are currently available.

YouTube TV offers 44 channels, compared to PlayStation Vue and DirectTV Now, which offer over 45 and 60 channels. However, YouTube TV will provide all prominent broadcast stations such as ABC, FOX, and the CW, setting it apart from its competitors which only feature a small selection of news channels. Sports fans can also rejoice in the fact that the service offers over 12 sports stations including ESPN and Fox Sports.

Users can create up to six accounts on one subscription, with all being personalized to fit the desires of that specific viewer. Additionally, three users can stream content simultaneously, unlike SlingTV which only allows for one user at a time.

Unlike YouTube Red, ads are not completely blocked on YouTube TV, as Google plans on selling ads to network partners in 0rder to bring in additional revenue. Google will use the platform to advertise their own products as well.

Content can be downloaded and saved at a later time for up to nine months, through an unlimited, Cloud-based DVR. Shows are available at all times, as YouTube TV is created for mobile devices as well as the big screen.

This new streaming service plans to launch in the latter half of 2017, and will determine whether YouTube is a viable competitor in the television streaming market or if it should stick to cat videos.

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