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Amazon Go: Revolutionizing the Way You Buy Milk

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This past Monday, Dec. 5 Amazon announced Amazon Go, its new format for grocery stores.

The commercial for this idealized form of shopping has been number 1 on YouTube’s trending page consistently since its’ release.

The central claim of  Amazon Go is that the store would have “no lines, no check-out, and no registers”, essentially eliminating all the hassles of shopping.

The system  utilizes the Amazon Go app to process payments and acts as a user’s key to enter. Shoppers simply open the app on their phone and scan the bar-code for their account as they walk in.  All food items that are added to the shopper’s cart are automatically scanned to one’s Amazon account, with the virtual card adapting when a user changes their mind, and places an item back onto the shelf. When shoppers leave the store the items on their virtual cards are summed, and then charged to their Amazon accounts with receipts sent directly to the phone app.

Technology plays a major role in the model, specifically including “computer vision, deep learning algorithms, and sensor fusion” which is similar to the systems used in self-driving cars. Amazon summarizes its computerized shopping experience as “Just Walk Out Technology.”

Amazon Go stores will be available for consumers as soon as early 2017, with the first location at 2131 7th Ave, Seattle, WA.

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