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Giving Others a Second Chance

While many privileged individuals don’t  think twice about how fortunate they are, two Sundevils recognize their advantages and help those who aren’t as lucky.

Seniors Veena Bobba and Elise Kirkbride are regular volunteers at an aid agency in Pacific Beach, California. Second Chances Bread of Life is a group that distributes food and hygiene products within the community to those in need. Bobba and Kirkbride are Sundevils who have consistently volunteered their efforts at the organization for quite some time. After discovering the society in December of 2015, Bobba has dedicated almost all her Saturday mornings to serving the Pacific Beach community. Kirkbride then started attending with Bobba in the summer of the following year.

Being a dedicated attendee to Second Chances, Bobba has familiarized herself with the preparation and distribution processes, and consequently, she has adopted a prominent role in the weekly gatherings.

“Since I’m a regular volunteer and know how everything works, I can help the new volunteers and guide them through what we do,” Bobba said.
Kirkbride mentioned how her and Bobba’s attendance makes a substantial impact when the organization doesn’t receive a multitude of helping hands.

“Sometimes [Second Chances] has a ton of volunteers and sometimes they only have a few; those are the times when we really do make a difference,” Kirkbride said. “If we weren’t there [at those times] then some people wouldn’t have had a meal that morning.”

Not only has working at Second Chances given the girls a chance to help the community, but it has also allowed them to work with a diverse group of people.

“Volunteering has introduced me to a lot of different people,” Kirkbride said. “We come from a very privileged area, so talking to other volunteers and hearing their stories has given me a different perspective and has made me realize how lucky I am.”

Although going to college later this year might affect the girls’ attendance to Second Chances, both Bobba and Kirkbride agree that having volunteered their efforts for a long time has been an eye-opening experience.

Photo courtesy of Elise Kirkbride
Photo courtesy of Elise Kirkbride

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