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A Sundevil that Plays Dress-up with Style

As if being a spirited Sundevil and dedicated Color Guard member does not keep her busy enough, senior Karen Whealdon spends her free time preparing for war as a viking, working against the Illuminati, and just taking dress-up to a whole different level.

In order to invest herself in her interests, Whealdon found an outlet to express her passions in cosplay.

“When you’re really passionate about something, you want to be a part of it, so, for me, dressing up is, in a way, getting to be a part of it,” Whealdon said.

Shadowing her sister’s fascination with the pastime, Whealdon adopted an interest for piecing costumes together early on in her life.

“I was introduced to [cosplay] at a young age, because my sister was into the same thing; she would make me stuff, and I would wear it,” Whealdon said. “My first cosplay was Chibi Moon from Sailor Moon, since that’s what my sister was really into at the time.”

From the initial few years spent fashioning her sister’s creations, Whealdon has since then attempted to tackle the whole fabrication process.

“I try to make costumes myself, but I’m not as good as sewing as my sister is, so sometimes she has to help me out,” Whealdon said.

Although not all of her costumes can be attributed to her own effort alone, Whealdon has expressed a keen interest for the whole spectrum of projects she has so far undertaken, ranging from Chibi Moon from Sailor Moon to Lara Croft from Tomb Raider.

“One of my favorite cosplays was for a Renaissance fair; I was cosplaying one of the vikings from the show Vikings,” Whealdon said. “I thought it was really fun, because I had to put on war paint, which was something I hadn’t done before. It was interesting to completely change from being normal to being ‘ready for war.’”

Despite her current time commitment to the Color Guard season, Whealdon is already eager to start working on her next project. With a hopeful attitude of attending this year’s Anime Expo, Whealdon will have to exert a considerable amount of effort in order to outdo all her previous remarkable creations.

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