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A Kenyan Student’s Opportunity for Education

Education is something that everybody needs but not everybody has access to.

Over the months of November and December, Interact Club members raised money to fund Tracy Akaji Awinde’s second year of high school in Kenya. Awinde is the fifth Kenyan student that the club has sponsored.

MC’s Interact Club is an offshoot of Rotary International, an organization whose goal is to solve some of the world’s most challenging problems, such as the deprivation of education in certain areas of the world.

The club’s co-adviser, assistant teacher Kim Muslusky, addressed the organization’s goal of helping students who have exhibited potential to succeed.

“High school in Kenya isn’t free; the cost is about three hundred dollars,” Muslusky said. “Every year we look for a good candidate, someone who would do well in school and does not have the resources to pay for it themselves.”

Apart from generous donations, the club’s main source of proceeds were the earnings yielded from selling bracelets across campus. During several of their lunch periods, members of Interact Club walked around to explain their cause to fellow Sundevils and raise  money for Awinde’s education. This year, Interact was able to cover the cost of her tuition fee from selling bracelets along with generous donations.

Senior Machelle Sabir, the treasurer of Interact, expressed her attitude towards participating in a club that has a goal of making a worldwide difference.

“This activity was our way of being involved in our community to show people that we’re doing something greater than just on campus,” Sabir said. “It shows that just a small group of people can make a big impact.”

Recognizing that she is privileged to be able to go to school without problems, Sabir commented on how valuable Interact Club’s aid is to less advantaged people.

“Education is not something that a lot of people in this world have,” Sabir said. “Giving one person a chance to an education can make every difference to her, because she wouldn’t have that without our help.”

Last year, the club was able to exceed Awinde’s tuition fee for her first year of school and sent the remainder of the money for extra expenses such as academic supplies.

If Awinde proves to be putting the fundraised money to good use by exhibiting academic improvement, Interact Club will try to fund the remainder of her high school education.

Photo courtesy of Osiris Valle
Photo courtesy of Osiris Valle

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