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Game of Thrones club feature

game of thrones“[Game of Thrones] is basically a fantasy,” senior Kennan Billamoria, president of the Game of Thrones club, said. “It has fantasy elements but it is a political drama with a big ensemble cast. There is a struggle for power in all of these different regions, and so it is really interesting.”


“My favorite part is hearing the different opinions of all of the people and what they think about what is going on in the show,” Billamoria said. “It is really interesting. [As president] I like that I get to set up the structure of the club and have fun activities that we all get to participate in.”

Every week, the club evaluates episodes, talks about characters, and spends time focused on their favorite show. Billamoria plans each week with different activities and topics that the club finds interesting.

Although he relishes in his role as president, parts of the job have proven challenging.

“[The hardest part] I think is just making sure that there is fresh material each week,” Billamoria said, “It will be really easy, though, once the show starts back again, because we will be analyzing it.”

The club meets every Monday at lunch in Mrs. Talberts’ room. with about ten to twenty students attending each week.

“Kennan really goes in to deep detail, which is good,” senior Minh Hong, a member of the club, said, “He really reviews everything.”

Both of these guys experiences with the show have lead them to develop a favorite parts and characters.

“[My favorite part] is Khaleesi, she is kind of like a queen in this distant land,” Hong said. Khaleesi acquires an army, raises dragons and moves northwest to take back the throne.

Billamoria has a preference for a different character on the show.

“My favorite character is probably Jon Snow,” Billamoria said, “He is the main hero of the show, and I like him a lot because he has that sense of [honesty] when a lot of the other characters have evil intent.”

For the members of the club, this is a big part of MC culture, although many students are still not aware of its meetings.

“We have a pretty good group, but we want to see more people come,” Billamoria said, “so if you are a fan of the show, then go ahead and show up on Monday.”

They meet in Mrs. Talbert’s room every week, room F6, so if you are interested in Game of Thrones then stop by.

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