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Passion for Fashion

Tiffany Luu | Photographer
Tiffany Luu | Photographer

Wire, dye, and thread. These simple products, ordinary to many of us, are the foundation of three MC students’ creative side.

A sophomore girl whose name will remain anonymous to protect her business, makes unique necklaces.
She transforms black cord, wire, and polished stones into a piece of handmade jewelry.

¨My mom is really into the meaning of different types of rocks and their healing powers and she thought it would be cool if I kept one with me,” she said. “I thought the best way to do that was put it in a necklace”

When ordering, students look through a booklet of different rocks and chose their desired stone, stone size, necklace length, and wire color. The designer keeps a journal full of organized charts correlating to each customer’s exact order.

¨So far I’ve sold fifty and I’ve made almost two hundred dollars in profit. The most common order people request is raw quartz with copper wire,¨ she said.
Another sophomore turned her newfound talent for tie-dying into a successful business.

¨I saw it in old movies and TV shows and wanted to try it out, so I did and it turned out really good,¨ she said. ¨I wore the t-shirt to school and got tons of requests.”

Students around school sport all sorts of her custom tie-dye productions.

¨Ive made about thirty to forty shirts for fifteen dollars each, about 450 dollars in total,¨ she said.
¨I usually sell swirls, which is what you see everyone wearing, but when I have extra dye, I like to experiment. I try different patterns and things like tapestries, bandanas, headbands and bikinis.”

Sophomore Veena Bobba applies her fashion designing and sewing skills to her own wardrobe.

¨Four years ago my neighbor taught me how to sew. The first thing I made was a pillowcase,¨ Bobba said.

She’s expanded her sewing capacity immensely since then; one of her more advanced creations being her homecoming dress last fall.

¨I mostly make dresses for myself using a sewing machine and fabric from either Jo-Ann’s or Yardage Town,¨ she said.

Bobba has a very creative mindset and fabricates clothing out of her own visions.

¨I usually make up my own design. If I’m not completely sure how to make something I’ll look at blogs for help,¨ Bobba said. ¨Most of the time though I’ll just experiment until I get it right.¨

Bobba hopes to expand her prospects by opening an online store.

¨Once I find the time, I want to start an Etsy shop so I can officially sell them,¨ Bobba said.

These students transformed their inspirations into a reality, and each continues to excel in her unique craft.

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