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Mrs. Ellsworth’s big news

Tiffany Luu | Photographer
Tiffany Luu | Photographer

MC’s new  history teacher, Mrs. Megan Ellsworth, has some big news. She is having a baby.

Ellsworth and her husband Aaron Reinero are looking forward to the new addition to their family.

“We are very excited,” Ellsworth said. “It is our third. We don’t know yet if we are having a boy or girl. We already have two girls at home, Lilliana and Violet.”

Ellsworth and her husband are eager to welcome a new baby into the family, but they are waiting to reveal the gender.

“We may be adding a third flower to our bouquet; we don’t know,” Ellsworth said. “Or it may be a boy, in which case my husband would probably be very excited, but we are excited either way.”

Ellsworth’s dream of having a big family is finally coming true.

“I grew up in a very, very small family; I had no brothers and no sisters and no cousins, so I was literally the only child,” Ellsworth said. “Now, I am happy and excited to have a much larger family and the chaos that it brings. I am excited for my girls to have a big family.”

The babys due date is March 26th, so Ellsworth will have to spend some time away from her job here at MC.

“I am hoping that I will be gone just the beginning of third trimester, and then be back to finish out the school year,” Ellsworth said.

Ellsworth has had a good experience at MC so far.

“I love it, I have been totally supported and it has been really helpful. My colleagues and the students have been really great,” Ellsworth said.

Like many other MC teachers, Ellsworth enjoys the environment that surrounds her on campus.

“I really enjoy the diversity of our students here. It is great to see different perspectives, especially within my US and world history classes. It brings a lot of richness to our discussions,” Ellsworth said.

Overall, Ellsworth’s experience at MC has been a good one, and she is excited to have her baby in March.

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