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Hidden Figures: Women to Remember

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Among the many new movies in theaters now, Hidden Figures is a descriptive and heartfelt movie leaving the audience wanting to see it again.

Hidden Figures is an inspiring movie about a trio of strong African-American women facing trials by rising up in rank in NASA, and overcoming the then segregated and racist society of 1960s Virginia.

This film tells the previously untold story of Katherine Johnson, Mary Jackson, and Dorothy Vaughn, genius women working in mathematics and engineering at NASA.

Not only does this movie tackle important topics such as racism, it also contains feel good moments of love and acceptance.

The movie also gives a strong sense of empowerment to women of color by showing them, that no matter how hard others try to pull them down they can prevail and become stronger as the end result, like the characters of the film have done.

Along with a clear and prominent message, the film itself was beautifully displayed. The soundtrack  created by Hans Zimmer, Pharrell Williams, and Benjamin Wallfisch viewers provides the viewer with lively tunes.

With a cast that involves Taraji P. Henson, Janelle Monae, and Octavia Spencer, it’s not hard to feel waves of emotion flow through the screen as you see the actresses pour feeling into the script and character that make their experiences feel personal to the audience.

Hidden Figures is a moving movie that, in the overall view, will stimulate feelings of invincibility to a satisfied crowd.

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