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You elders with your loud music…


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Thousands of music fanatics were at the site of Coachella on the first two weekends of October, but definitely not to sport flower crowns or eat massive watermelon slices.

Desert Trip, a music event aimed at older audiences, invited rock enthusiasts to hear prominent icons play in a once-in-a-lifetime weekend performance. Because of its shared setting with Coachella, as well as the gaping age difference between their audiences, Desert Trip was affectionately nicknamed Oldchella.

To accommodate the older guests, festival organizers installed more seating and lounge space so that even arthritis-stricken fans could rock out to their idols.

Talkshow host Ellen Degeneres jokingly compared the oldies’ festival to its popular and much younger sibling, Coachella.

“Coachella: You go because you’re excited to see your favorite band live. Old-chella: You go because you’re excited to see that your favorite band is alive,” Degeneres said.

Despite its elderly aura, Desert Trip didn’t come close to boring its audience with throwback performances. Featuring eminent musicians such as The Rolling Stones, Bob Dylan, and Paul McCartney, the festival enthralled thousands of rock fanatics who were excited to see their lifelong music icons.

Though the majority of the audience was as old as the performers, Desert Trip still attracted younger fans to partake in the fun. Junior Lauryn Burke was one of the few adolescents who came to rock out to 70-year-old songs.

Though she didn’t share the same deep-rooted bond as fans that had listened to the musicians since teenage years, Burke was nonetheless impressed by the acts at the festival.

“My favorite performance had to be Roger Waters, because it was unlike any show I’d ever seen before,” Burke said. “The visuals were amazing; the fireworks and all the lights really topped it off.”

Though the senior performers are only getting older, rock enthusiasts satisfied by the festival’s performances hope that the musicians return next year to once again impress with another iconic presentation.

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