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The Sunburn

The Sunburn is the parody/satire section of the MC Sun. Articles posted under the Sunburn may or may not use real names and events. All articles within the Sunburn are either fiction of exaggerations of the truth. Stories regarding politicians, celebrities, or the Mt. Carmel staff, are based on real people, but will be almost completely fictional. The Sunburn section in no way represents truthful news and those who believe the news to be true are mistaken.

Deported, eh?

It was a calm Tuesday morning, eh. Local San Diegan Lorize Heymans was awoken by the sound of a quiet knock at the door. “I had broken this law called Bill 82-13b.” senior Lorize Heymans said. Lorena Heymans was a refugee of the horrible country of Canada where their money …

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Dorr and Bird Soar with Salsa

  As Martha Graham once said, “Dance is the hidden language of the soul”. The art of dance is a passion shared by many around the world, including those in the MC dance troupe. Every year, the dance troupe holds a “Dance Troupe Spring Dance Concert” in Poway’s Performing Arts …

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Mike Andrews : a dark past revealed

Mike Andrews may appear like a common teenager on the outside, however, deep secrets lay at the bottom of his inner soul. The MC SUN conducted a private meeting with Andrews to delve into his past. Editor-In-Chief Sarah Briggs, explains her experience. In the interview, Andrews indicated some of the …

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Halloween in April?

Students will be surprised to learn that there are people walking around in weird costumes in April no less. This new phenomenon is best explained by an anonymous staff insider who refuses to divulge his name. “We were approached by a few costume stores who were tired of only making …

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California Storm Watch

The threat of rain is always upon us in California. Even though it may not come often, the treacherous six storms we get a year threaten all of our well-beings. Puddles, wet grass, vitamin D deficiency, and hydro-planning are all dangers we must prepare for and face during these disastrous …

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Parking Spot Stolen

On Monday, April 14th, senior Jay Johnson came to school late to find a rude surprise: his normal spot in the MC parking lot, the same spot he has been parking in for almost two years, was taken by a white Toyota Prius. “I was running a bit late, and …

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