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The Sunburn

The Sunburn is the parody/satire section of the MC Sun. Articles posted under the Sunburn may or may not use real names and events. All articles within the Sunburn are either fiction of exaggerations of the truth. Stories regarding politicians, celebrities, or the Mt. Carmel staff, are based on real people, but will be almost completely fictional. The Sunburn section in no way represents truthful news and those who believe the news to be true are mistaken.

The Unavoidable Senior “Sickness”

On the first day of every high school student’s senior year, a strange disease begins to manifest itself. This potent virus lays dormant from the start of an individuals freshman year; it is unavoidable and its symptoms vary in their severity and apparentness. Commonly known as Senioritis, this epidemic has …

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The Pepsi challenge

Check out the MC Sunburn’s new Pepsi challenge! Disclosure: this is a parody and only for entertainment. MC does not condone buying or drinking of soda, nor does the school support “Kids Having Kids.” The Penasquitos Food Stamp Association does not exist either. Enjoy!

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Operation “Bald Eagle”

There is a spy among us. He walks with us, he talks with us, he teaches us, and yet we have never realized who this person really is. Timothy Calver, which in fact is just an alias, goes by his code name “Bald Eagle” on the job. Calver was recruited …

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Scotland yard without Scotland

Scotland held its referendum for independence from the United Kingdom on September 18, 2014 and voted to remain a part of the United Kingdom. During the weeks leading up to the vote, England campaigned to have Scotland remain a part of the United Kingdom. David Cameron, the Prime Minister of …

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Say cheese (and crackers)!

The artificial cheese revolution is upon us. It’s been a long time coming, with the infamous Cheez-Its dating all the way back to 1921. Cheetos and Doritos, notorious for their explosive orange powder flavoring, followed in the mid-1900s. In more recent years, however, a new trend in cheese snacks have …

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Students struggle through winter

“It’s largely a mental game. If you go in believing you’ll make it out, it makes it easier,” junior Erin Ortiz said. This past monday, September 22nd, marks the end of summer and the start of fall for North America. But to the dismay of many students and faculty members …

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Kenney causes chaos

As the school year begins, a new force is sweeping the school. Of course, that force is the screams (or maybe it is just a conversational voice) of sophomore Daniel Kenney. The assault on MC students’ ears began on the first day of school; however, it was passed off as …

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Stripped of pizza strips

As the new school year begins to pick up the pace, students are noticing a significant loss in the school. This loss is evident: the lack of pizza strips. On the first day of school, students went to buy their favorite lunch item only to learn it was removed from …

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